If you're like many other physicians, you have the same questions and face the same issues as most of your colleagues. How can our practice be more efficient? How can my staff be more motivated; more productive; more skilled? Understandably so! You went to school to be a doctor, not necessarily a "boss"; but the minute you hired your first staff person...wham! You stepped into that "employer" role. Now, finally there is a place where you and your staff can go for advice and help in this vital area. Whether you are a veteran practitioner or just starting out, solo or multi-office, continual improvement is essential for a healthy, comprehensive, competitive practice in today's environment. SOS offers experienced, first hand assistance, coaching and successful solutions in these key areas:

  • Operations Management and Organizational Design
  • Increased Revenue and Missed Opportunities
    Efficient, Productive Work Flow and Office Dynamic
  • Coordinated Office Protocols, Policies and Procedures
  • Successful Staff Training for Enhanced Output
  • A Strengthened Workforce
  • Specialized Practice Management Techniques
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • A Structured, Efficient and Rewarding Environment

When you work with SOS, you get many years of professional and practical experience dedicated to making yours a winning team and a winning practice. You won't find this personalized commitment anywhere else, so we invite you to step inside and take a look around! Welcome!

There's nothing more we'd rather do...
than share our "Secrets of Success" with YOU!