Is "Patient Parking" a problem in your office?

How long will your patient patiently wait before being called into the treatment room? Consider this little factoid. The division of motor vehicles is #1 on the list of places where people get irritated waiting. Guess who is #2?

Sadly, we (doctor's offices) have a reputation of making patients wait and for the most part, we’ve earned it. A patient might expect (and be willing) to wait a “reasonable” time (anywhere from 15-20 minutes); however, lengthy wait times will decrease patient satisfaction and may discourage other patients from coming to your practice. Let’s face it…no one wants to wait 1-1½ hours before seeing the doctor regardless of the reason. And they shouldn’t HAVE to! Patients who are subject to such treatment on a regular basis will eventually lose their patience and you will lose their respect. They will leave before even having the chance to meet the doctor. Those that stay may speak highly of the services they received, but will also counter that with negative comments about their waiting experience. 

And if you’re not on time…what’s the biggest reason? We welcome your comments...