In many instances, it is difficult to assess your situation without physically being there to observe the interaction and dynamic that takes place between all players of the team; (doctors, managers, staff and patients) as well as analyze all operational systems and monitor individual staff functionality and productivity. It is not unusual to find that every office has different needs and because of that, we have developed a variety of specialized onsite packages. In order to determine which package is best for you, we offer a COMPLIMENTARY, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation to evaluate your needs and learn how we can best assist you, followed by a proposal for you to review.

If you are interested in arranging a convenient date and time for your complimentary consultation, take the first step by clicking Contact Us or call 1-866-832-6767. Lynn will give you the personalized attention that you deserve.

There is a perfect package just for your practice!

The Performer Package is geared towards offices with 1-3 staff

1½ day on-site visitation includes 12 hours of SOS-client contact to monitor and observe staff activities, SWOT analysis, conduct office staff meeting, staff interviews, on-the-spot recommendations and advice, SWOT analysis + guaranteed extras*

The Professional Package is geared towards offices with 4 or more staff.

2 day on-site visitation includes an extended 16 hours of SOS-client contact to monitor and observe all staff activities,  conduct office staff meeting, staff interviews, on-the-spot recommendations and advice, SWOT analysis + guaranteed extras*

The Manager Package is geared towards offices requiring focused management training.

2 day on-site visitation project includes 16 hours of SOS-client contact broken down into 8 hours onsite observations (day #1) and 8 hours private onsite management-focused instruction (day #2) + guaranteed extras*

The Champion Trainer Package is geared towards offices that have new staff requiring all around training and guidance.

5 day on-site visitation includes 1 week (max. 40 hours) of SOS-client contact. An investment worth making. Client's staff receive interactive, hands-on focused training and guidance in all necessary functions of podiatric medical assisting + guaranteed extras*

The Success Trainer Add-On is geared towards ALL offices in combination with a contracted on-site project 
 Doctors attendance is highly recommended for full implementation

$1,500 (+ workbook expenses)

Attach this 1 additional day event on to any onsite project (shown above) for the ultimate kick to success. It includes a full day, 8 hour professional podiatric staff training program...the same program offered nationally to the podiatric community, but personalized to your practice. Tuition includes a comprehensive work and reference book, radiology guide, fun & interactive learning on podiatry-related topics, certificate of completion and discount on all SOS products.

For more program on Assistant TrainingWorkshop

*GUARANTEE: Regardless of what "specialty project" is selected, SOS will guarantee:

  • A pre-determined number of on-site hours as indicated in your project
  • An unlimited number of off-site/administrative hours dedicated to:
    - the preparation of a comprehensive, written report that includes a practice assessment and associated recommendations;
    -a one hour focused remote conference call to discuss report and answer any questions you have relative to the information provided or strategies outlined;
    - unlimited phone and email contact for doctors and staff for one month post on-site visit.