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“Lynn represents the leading edge of staff training and education and she doesn't limit her time and energy to the staff members. She reminds us all, in a professional but fun manner, how important it is to run an office that meets the patients' needs along with those of the staff and physicians." May 23, 2012
Kathy Satterfield, DPM, President-elect, FACFAOM

“As a medical office assistant at the time, I attended a very informative and entertaining seminar given by Lynn as the owner of SOS healthcare Management Solutions.I was impressed by the scope of her knowledge, and the materials presented.” May 8, 2012
Marcy Pearlman, Medical Office Assistant, American Surgeon's Group

“Lynn is quite simply, top notch. She is a first class consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn with two different associations. In both cases, she delivered a super program that kept the participants interested and focused. We heard rave reviews about Lynn from medical assistants and doctors alike. If you are looking for an informative and educational session that is fun and interactive yet extremely uplifting and motivational, Lynn Homisak is a perfect fit!” April 19, 2012
Derek Dalling, CEO Kindsvatter and Associates

“Lynn was the best investment I have ever done in my clinic. She was able to bring constructive recommendations to my office that improved office flow and increased productivity and therefore my bottom line! She is the most positive person and was incredible at motivating my office staff. She empowered my staff to own what they do and in turn they are more productive and happier at their tasks! I would highly recommend Lynn. I thought I ran a pretty efficient clinic and she still brought insight into areas that could be improved. Worth every dime!” February 7, 2012
Julie DeSimone, D.Ch

“I have known Lynn Homisak for almost twenty five years, and worked with her in a variety of different capacities.I have known her as a certified podiatric medical assistant, president of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants, and later as an author, lecturer and consultant. What sets Lynn apart from so many other people is her uncompromising desire and effort to make a difference. Not only does she know what she is talking about, but she carries herself with dignity, style and humor.” February 7, 2012
Dr. Glenn Gastwirth, CEO, APMA

“Lynn Homisak is a refreshing example of professional skill and charisma which she combines to provide an exceptional professional training program. I have watched Lynn performing her craft and found her to be exremely effective in interacting with her audience to engage the participants and provide a vibrant learning environment. Most important, Lynn is an all-around high quality individual who is approachable with no ego or agenda. Any participant in her program will be comfortable to participate at any level and will feel the personal touch that Lynn provides with her interaction with all attendees. I highly reccomend Lynn Homisak as a stellar leader in medical practice managemnt training.” February 7, 2012
Dr. Doug Richie,
Founder and CEO, Richie Technologies Inc

“I cannot say enough about what Lynn has done over the years for both the individual podiatry offices she has assisted and our profession as a whole. Any assistant that has sat through her sessions or attended her workshops has brought back invaluable resources to their offices - resources that benefit both the patients they serve and the bottom line of the practices themselves. She has a real knack in knowing what will work where, and is able to get that round peg to fit properly into the square hole - she makes it work!
I recommend Lynn and her program without hesitation - she is the real deal!” January 30, 2012
Dr. David B. Alper

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn for the past 8 years. She was integral in reshaping my professional practice and putting in place protocols and guidelines. My staff and I have the deepest respect for Lynn and her ability to motivate both the physicians and staff to work at their optimal levels.” January 27, 2012
Dr. Charles "Charley" Greiner

“Lynn is a very special person. All you have to do is call or email her with a question and she will be back to you with an answer or advice. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, hardworking and one of the best trainers for assistants in the field of podiatry.” January 27, 2012
Sue Dissinger,
Supervisor - Certified Podiatric Medical Assistant, Lancaster County Podiatry

“I have spoken to Lynn numerous times about staff issues and how to increase employee moral, she always has great advice and is always willing to take the time to help me and others get the best out of their employees! Lynn is always very pleasant to talk to and I feel she has had a very positive impact on my career as a manager. I hope one day everyone will have a chance to work with someone that will impact their life.” January 26, 2012
Jelena McNab, practice manager

“Lynn is the epitome of the kind of practice administrator you'd want running your practice. Her wealth of experience with personnel and management issues is second to none.” January 25, 2012 Dr.
Jerold Fleishman,
President/Managing Partner, New England Foot & Ankle

“Lynn has tremendous attention to detail and frequently sees deficits in her client's businesses that owners can't see through their tunnelled vision. She has an outstanding professionalism and can assist you in overcoming the deficits she detects. Lynn offers a fresh perspective to your business to help you become better organized, more efficient and successful. From hiring, employee training, customer relation building to helping your business reputation excel, Lynn's expertise is unsurpassed.” January 25, 2012
Dr. Kris Titko, Podiatric Surgeon, Center for Foot Care

“Lynn is very professional and highly intelligent. There are very few situations that Lynn has not addressed, giving her a large basis to assist your office in any and all transitions that you may face. I would highly recommend Lynn.” January 24, 2012
Patricia Casey Kirk, Podiatrist, Dr. Patricia A. Kirk

“Lynn is very knowledgeable on the topics that she presents, having been in the profession prior to doing public speaking. She relates well to the attendees and her sessions are always highly rated.” January 24, 2012
Kevin Kruse, Executive Director, Iowa Podiatric Medical Society

“Lynn and her company is the single best thing that ever happened to my practice. She is a rare breed in the mediacl practice management world that isn't afraid to think out of the box with incredible results!” January 24, 2012
Jeffrey Bowman, DPM, MS

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert January 24, 2012,
Peter Guy, D.Ch

“I have been associated with Lynn for the past 7 years through the AAPPM and on a personal basis. She is an outstanding lecturer and has an incrediable ability to set up management and organization of any type of medical practice. Also to her credit is her fantastic personality and warm nature that immediately allows you to feel completely relaxed and inspires confidence in her ability.I highly recommend Lynn and her company to any medical profession. January 24, 2012
F. Don Chantiles DPM, Beech Tree Podiatry

“I have enjoyed getting to know Lynn and appreciate her honesty. Her business knowledge and commitment to the success of her customers is without parallel. The friendly and no-nonsense approach provides an environment that will increase productivity and efficiency in any setting.” January 24, 2012
Richard Dubin ,
Founder and Publisher, Lower Extremity Review, LLC

“Lynn and I have worked on several projects including speaking, writing, and consulting. She's a very creative and attentive to details. She has impeccable follow up. I enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly. I would be happy to answer any quesitons about her skills, her competence, and her character." January 23, 2012
Neil Baum, MD, Clinical Assoicate Professor of Urology, Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA

“Lynn Homisak is an accomplished author and lecturer. She is a national authority on medical assistants and practice management. She was recently elected in the Podiatry Management Hall of Fame. Her articles are submitted in a timely fashion and she exhibits great creativity in her writing.” January 23, 2012
Dr. Barry Block
hired Lynn as a Writer/Editor in 1998, and hired Lynn more than once

“Our organization has hired Lynn several times due to her ability to help our members maximize their time and their staff's time. I would consider the expert in her field and would not hesitate to recommend her to any colleague. Her outgoing personality serves her well when she has to teach a challenging topic or deliver difficult news to a client.” January 23, 2012
Dr. Eric Siceloff

“My staff and I attended one of Lynn's all day workshops. We had an absolute blast. It is a must for all Podiatry offices. She does a complete training session for you, and you staff, everything, from A to Z. I highly recommend this course to all Podiatrists looking to effectively manage their practices.” January 23, 2012
Dr. Nicole Freels

“Excellent in all respects to improve ones practice from top to bottom.” January 23, 2012
Dr. Lawrence Kales

“Lynn is one of the most complete office management experts in the field. She brings knowledge, compassion and a wealth of experience into her work. She takes the time to understand the office issues, find a remedy when needed and see that it is instituted. I can only recommend her most highly.” January 23, 2012
Dr. Michael King ,
physician/podiatrist, Michael King DPM and Associates

“Lynn provides an exceptionally high level of professional expertise in the Podiatry field that has resulted in her induction into the Podiatry Hall of Fame. With over 38+ years of experience, Lynn is uniquely qualified as the leading practice management consultant in our industry. If you want to elevate your practice to the next level, I highly recommend her services!” December 27, 2011
Chris White,
VP Sales & Marketing, Training Time, LLC

“Excellent, comprehensive and worth it !!” November 5, 2011
Dr. Alan Mauser

“I have known Lynn for many years. She is an asset to podiatry. Her knowledge of the function of a podiatric practice is beyond reproach. She instructs/teaches with such enthusiasm, that you can't help integrating her attitudes into daily practice protocols. She understands the necessity of staff efficiency in helping to promote a successful practice, witnessed by a better "bottom line". I would recommend Lynn to any practice having the need to improve function, staff morale, office efficiency, and happy patients. Practice management is synonymous with Lynn Homisak!” November 1, 2011
Dr. Ed Prikaszczikow ,
Podiatrist, Council Bluffs Foot & Ankle Care

“As the Executive Editor of Podiatry Today, I've had the pleasure of working with Lynn Homisak over the years as she has written several articles for Podiatry Today. I have also heard Lynn lecture at various podiatry conferences. Whether it's through her writing or her lectures, Lynn always conveys sharp perspectives and keen insights on practice management topics ranging from efficiency and productivity to employee morale and various staffing issues. Lynn is definitely viewed by many in podiatry as a go-to resource for practice management advice.” October 28, 2011
Jeff Hall,
Executive Editor/VP-Special Projects, HMP Communications

“Lynn has delivered each and every time she's spoken at our conferences. She is very professional, personable and knowledgable. You can learn a lot from Lynn Homisak!” October 28, 2011
Cindy Hartman, Executive Director, Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine

“Lynn is an extremely detail oriented person and an absolute professional in every sense. Lynn's expertise in training and managing office staff is provides an opportunity for staff and doctors to communicate on a higher level to produce a well oiled machine.
Lynn's advice is always on target and has aided my practice to function as a team allowing for a better work environment and more satisfied patients.... And that's what its all about!” October 27, 2011
Dr. Scott Lurie

“Lynn is THE expert on podiatric staff management and training. Her lectures and workshops are fast paced, engrossing, fun and extremely informative. My staff and I always leave with new ideas and insights to improve the efficiency, flow and morale of our office. I highly recommend Lynn and SOS Management Solutions.” October 26, 2011
Dr. Susan Love

“Lynn is a very personable, focused, detail oriented person who came to my office when I was experiencing severe work flow and morale issues. In a matter of hours, she identified key work flow issues, discussed her findings with me and expediently formulated a plan that not only resolved my issues but actually boosted the overall productivity, morale and efficiency of my staff. To this day I still follow her plan which continues to deliver great results. I would not hesitate to call her again if I ever had a need for her services and I would highly recommend her to anyone who may have a need for a top notch medical practice specialist.” October 25, 2011
Marco Vargas, DPM, FACFAS

“Our organizations have hired Lynn and SOS Healthcare Management on many occasions over the past 10 years. Lynn is exceptionally easy to work with, more than accommodating, and very responsive to the needs of the physicians and medical assistants to whom she provides education. Our attendees have always enjoyed Lynn's approach: educational AND entertaining. I highly recommend Lynn Homisak and SOS Healthcare Management.” October 25, 2011
Jean Kirk, Executive Director, Virginia Podiatric Medical Association

“The terms Certified Podiatric Assistant and Practice Management were not even in use when Lynn was already ( for many years) laying the groundwork for her niche within the medical profession. She has parlayed her experience into a well known practice advisory business that has turned around many medical practices. Her evaluations are all encompassing and extremely detailed. When I needed to formulate an advisory board for a designer of medical lasers, Lynn was my very first choice for her expertise in how an efficient practice operates and for her invaluable input of what the ultimate device would look like in every detail. If you find yourself with questions regarding staffing, workplace relations, patient-staff-doctor interactions, and office efficiency, call Lynn Homisak for the best comprehensive shot at increasing the bottom line and loving coming to work every day!!” October 25, 2011
Dr. Bryan Markinson,
Chief, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Mt Sinai School of Medicine

“Lynn is an inspirational speaker and excellent coach. Her years of experience say a lot about her depth of knowledge in practice management, staff development and organizational efficiency. My staff just adores her and they have been lucky to have been coached by her multiple times. She not only motivates them but teaches them the methods to succeed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” October 25, 2011 Dr. Animesh Bhatia

“Lynn Homisak was employed as my office manager before fully launching her practice management company. She is an attention to detail professional with a commitment to excellence and achievement. Your only regret regarding hiring Lynn will be having not done it sooner!” October 25, 2011
Dr. Howard Schaengold

“SOSHMS provides the most up-to-date Podiatry office training in the country. We utilize Lynn's extensive wealth of information to grow and nuture our employees. Lynn has taken care of us for years now and we are always very appreciative of her experience and knowledge base!” October 12, 2011
Rhiannon Torrez,
Practice Manager, Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists