SOS Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

To unlock the hidden value and effectiveness of staff for a more productive and successful practice through

  • better education and training
  • a new awareness
  • improved communication skills and
  • fundamental management strategies

W e strive for:

  • Accountability - being responsible for our performance, behavior and actions as it affects and influences the health of our client's practices.
  • Knowledge and Competence - the commitment to stay abreast of newest and proven concepts in order to deliver the highest quality of service.
  • Efficiency - offering the most efficient and effective approach through recommended solutions .
  • Integrity and Trust - to behave with utmost respect and integrity without compromising the truth .
  • Passion and Ethic - driven by a "heart and mind" mentality to do the right thing and give our best effort inside and outside the company.
  • Open Communication - always working to bridge communication gaps for better understanding, to avoid confusion and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Professionalism - to maintain the highest of standards of behavior, appearance, morale, consistent with the expectations of a true professional .
  • Teamwork - to create an environment of unification and growth of team .
  • Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude - towards our work, our clients and our profession .