Topic List of Lectures

  • Achieving Practice Excellence

• Strategies to reduce administrative and organizational challenges
• Effective communication tools to help build the doctor-patient-staff relationship
• Intergration of assisting staff to increase practice efficiency and effectiveness

  • Communicating with Influence and Confidence


  1. How to deliver your message confidently
  2. Increase patient compliance
  3. Create a non-threatening environment
  4. Improve office efficiency
  5. Develop protocols to promote an anticipatory staff
  6. Build strong patient relations

  • Secrets of SUCCESSFUL Staff Training (It's NOT rocket science!)

Fundamental (and overlooked) training strategies that create STAR PERFORMERS! Orientation, scope of practice, employee policies and manual, Emergency Action Plan, Staff meetings, sucessful training methods, creating job descriptions, performance reviews, procedure manuals and risk management.

  • Reduce Front Office Bottlenecks

The front office is often referred to as the nucleus of your practice a nd because it is subject to the most activity, it becomes a breeding ground for every day bottlenecks that can threaten patient satisfaction and clog efficiency. Take measures now to conquer them...before they conquer YOU! Topics include telephone tie ups, scheduling snafus, absent and/or inconsistent policies, ineffective collection methods, financial policies and responding to patient concerns with well-developed scripts.

  • Financial Management and Profitability

Top 10 reasons your practice may not be collecting all it should. Covers: monitoring and reviewing accounts receivable reports, putting the right staff in the right seat, denied claims, collection methods and policies, internal chart audits and embezzlement controls.

  • Ten Tips to Manage your Time at Work

Making things run smoother in our office is most frequently described in terms of saving time. Efficiency is not always about what you DO...but sometimes what you DON'T do. Some "beat the clock" organizational strategies can help you eliminate the time "hogs" that drag you down. This presentation will help put you back in control and feeling less stressed at the end of each work day.

  • Regaining Control with Patient Compliance

What can we do to lessen our patient's 'non-compliant' behavior? This session will address various ways to maintain necessary control when and where it is needed by re-shaping patients' habits. The result? Improved patient care and a well-run, more efficient practice.

  • Mission POSSIBLE!

Introducing Detective Lynn who will present evidence surrounding several case histories evidence of real life felonies committed in a medical office. Some just might sound familiar.Your mission, fellow sleuths, should you decide to accept it, is to listen to the facts associated with each one and help solve teh crimes. Fun, energetic presentation.

  • The Breakfast Club

Generous portions of sparkling discussion and seasoned topics ‘specially prepared to boost efficiency and solve/reduce problematic issues in a medical practice. Sprinkled with a blend of: spirited sharing, heart-healthy laughter and a whole Latté fun!

  • How can we become a more effective "Care Team?"

Tuning into each others needs might be just the ticket for building better working relationships...find out how: what strategies, concepts, changes and tools are needed!

  • Shari Managing the Health and Wellness of your Practice

Whether your practice goals are big or small, Lynn Homisak can help you realize the value of her mission: “ practice healthy for a healthy practice .” Lynn knows that it takes an entire team to whip an office into peak condition and has helped top achievers and low performers find new approaches to success. Tap into this expert’s experience as a Consultant in countless North American podiatry practices and come to this session to learn how you too can measure and monitor your practice performance.

  • The 20-Minute Management Workout

Thre is nothing weak about THIS 20 minute, fast-paced  presentation. Prepare yourself for 40 high energy, "can do" management fitness tips for a "Champion" practice. Can you keep up?

  • Communication Skills: Lost in Translation

With the introduction of new technology, there is a breakdown in face-to-face communication. What is missing from your message and what will it take to get it back?

  • DESSERTS (Stress Management)

What do desserts have to do with Stress? A fun, light-hearted, down to earth lecture that teaches about stress and offers suggestions on how to best manage it.  Everyone enjoys this presentation!!

  • Defusing the “Difficult” Patient

Conflict is a part of every workplace but doesn't have to stifle us when dealing with patients and co-workers. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of various personalities, you can choose how to best act (and not RE-act) to difficult situations.

  • Efficiency Deficiency

There are many reasons why office flow is compromised and weak systems are the biggest culprits. You can’t manage efficiency if you can’t measure it. Thre are necessary strategies and management tools that will optimize practice performance and help build a framework of success for both doctors and staff. The challenge involves change…are you up to it?

  • The Common Thread of Efficiency and Productivity (It's the Best Kept Secret)

It's not rocket science, but it's real as rain. After years of consulting with and analyzing practices, it becomes more and more apparent why the staff in some offices thrive and others merely survive. We will discuss some key elements of efficiency including those common threads that weave through every aspect of the practice and attach to productivity and success. Thrive or just survive? - you choose.

  • Enjoy What you Do and Never "Work" a Day in Your Life

Is job satisfaction at a HIGH in your practice? Do staff think of their work more like a JOB or a career? There is a difference and this presentation touches on finding ways to help you make your work environment one that staff go to because they WANT to and not because they HAVE to.

  • got staff?

If you've "got staff", you're sure to "got concerns." Learn how to better manage certain situations and at the same time, help develop your staff to their potential. Join Lynn as she shares select electronic emails with you and discusses solutions to everyday problems. If you answered yes to that burning question, you will appreciate Lynn's select electronic emails that disclose and discuss real solutions to real problems that staff face on a day-to-day basis.

  • Hire Right and Make it Last

"What am I doing wrong?" Discussion of successful (and unsuccessful) hiring strategies
Maximize the face-to-face interview
Hiring tools including "telling" quizzes, role-playing, the CV, job descriptions
Compensation and Orientation; where do they fit in?
Have you ever hired someone and too late found out they weren't exactly the right fit for your practice? Have you taken your hiring protocol so much for granted that it no longer screens your applicants the way you really should?
Do you even have a hiring protocol or do you choose to fly by the seat of your pants? In this session, we will review proper hiring techniques, start-to-finish, including what to look for, the face-to-face interview, "telling" quizzes, the CV, the job description, compensation and orientation. It's a package deal.

  • You're FIRED!

Firing someone is never easy, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Knowing what can happen can help prepare you for what's ahead.

  • Strategies to Improve Patient Flow

Learn how to get your practice to run on time
Taking control of your schedule for better results
Making little changes that make a big difference
Instead of working yourself into the system; make the system work for you.

  • Quality Customer Service in a Medical Practice

Remember....There's a PERSON attached to those feet!! Take care of your patients…and your business will prosper. How many of your patients will say that you’ve successfully met their expectations from their first impression to their last…and then beyond? This session will briefly review the meaning of QCS from an appearance, professional and operational perspective.

  • Office Management Toolkit

Strictly for Office Managers...this session deals with Management issues including conducting staff meetings, leadership, front and back office job descriptions, performance management, staff motivation, resolving conflicts, maintaining a productive doctor/staff dynamic, risk management, professionalism and problem solving.

  • Performance Monitoring and Review

The Purpose of a performance review and how to conduct a successful one
Stumbling Blocks; Why doctors avoid evaluating staff
Preparing for the meeting
The focus of the meeting
Including a 360 degree review

  • Integrating Staff into Practice Protocols

Would you rather work smarter or harder? The doctor is the primary financial driver of profits in the practice and if they delegate tasks to the lowest paid person that can do it well, they can maximize their valuable time.

  • Ten Golden Rules of Professionalism for the Assistant

Ten simple rules every assistant should know and remember when dealing with patients, doctors, co-workers and the public.
Objective: To discuss the importance of professionalism for the assistant in:
Patient care
Working with doctors and co-workers
Creating a work ethic
Creating a positive image


A full day seminar lead by Coach Homisak who talks about:
-Who's on First? (Functional Job Descriptions)
-No Arguing with the Ump! (Communication and Conflict Resolution)
-Training Camp (Effective Training Strategies)
-Being Part of the Winning Team! (Team Building and Motivation)
-Playing By the Rules (Developing an Effective Office Manual)
-Controlling the Clock (Scheduling Techniques and Time Management Tips)
-The Box Office is Open (Billing and Collections)
-Recruiting Your Players (Hiring for Keeps!)
-Grand Slam! (Staff Motivation)
-Assessing your Team Stats (Conducing Performance Reviews)
-Do you Need a Good Year Blimp (Internal Marketing Strategies)
-Dugout Talk (Organizing Productive Staff Meetings)
-Fan Appreciation (Customer Service and Patient Management)
-On Being an Effective Manager (Leadership Skills)
-Prevent Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Professionalism)
-Covering all the Bases (Stress Relief)
-In the Locker Room (Time for Q&A)

  • Staff Incentives

What are considered some "key" incentives....and do they really work to motivate my staff?

  • Spotlight on Staffing Issues - A-Z

"I have tremendous staff turnover...what am I doing wrong?"
"There is always confusion over who should do what? Why?"
"I give my staff raises every year...but it never seems to be enough. What do they want from me?"
"Staff meetings are a waste of time in our one takes them seriously and nothing ever gets accomplished."
Lynn discusses these and other pervasive concerns that she finds are common in most offices. What is it that YOU need to know?

  • Understanding Staff Management and Leadership Skills

Doctor, know thyself: Learn what kind of leadership style best describes you and how that impacts the bottom line
"Nitty-gritty" communication skills that can alter behavior
Beware! The Micro-manager
Does "boss" have to be a four letter word?

  • Telephone Etiquette

The telephone is a critical tool for your office that many times gets taken for granted. This presentation provides an excellent review of basic (and sometimes forgotten) telephone etiquette and protocol.This presentation covers:

  1. The importance of “closing the deal” with patients who call for appointments.
  2. “Do’s and Don’ts” of proper telephone handling and etiquette.
  3. Exploring proper responses to some common patient questions.

  • Ways to Prevent your Staff from Leaving

"WHAT DOES MY STAFF WANT FROM ME?" Find out not only what employees want, but how to keep good workers from bolting out the door!

  • The No-Show Dilemma

A daily scheduling occurrence that is more common than any of us would like to admit. Why do "no shows" happen? What do we do about them? And most importantly, how can we prevent them?

  • Words Matter!

Scripted responses help to improve communication with our patients. In this session, we will discuss how certain words we use (and don't use) make a difference.

  • Front Desk Review and Checklist

Front desk operations impact the flow and efficiency of the entire practice. We will examine a checklist of what sitting in that "hot seat" entails, including phone handling, scheduling, policies, EMR, collections, customer service, training requirements, qualifications, duties and responsibilities.

  • Caring for the Podo-geriatric Patient

The elderly population makes up a majority of podiatric patients, many of who have individual needs. Are you aware of what those needs are? Is your practice sensitive to their hardships. This is an interactive presentation allowing participants to learn through sensitivity awareness and training.

  • Survival Guide to Practice Challenges

Are you a “survivor” or a “casualty” of the every-day challenges one might face in a medical practices? Do you find that you are fighting an uphill battle due to too much inconsistency, a reluctance to change, non-compliant patients, poor collections & not enough communication? Our Survival Guide will tell you WHY it’s important to fix what is broken and HOW to go about making those “challenges du jour” a thing of the past.

  • Common Sense Scheduling

This session will focus more deeply on specific reasons why our day runs behind and reasonable action steps to eliminate them.

  • You Can’t Always Get What you Want (or CAN you?)

Is your practice doing everything it can to collect what patients owe? If not, let’s examine some potential weaknesses and what can be done to strengthen them? Our “Collections Checklist” will serve to help improve your billing and collections process by showing you what to look for.

  • Sure-fire Methods to Lose Patients

A satirical look at what you can do to assure less patients in your practice. Warning! These really work!

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

As the “eyes and ears” of the practice, staff see more, sometimes, than the practitioners themselves do. Learn how the podiatric assistant's role has evolved, how their awareness and involvement in the practice has become more and more invaluable, how their influence can improve patient outcomes and how their increased knowledge can raise the bar of Assistant growth and professionalism in our profession.

  • Podiatry Pictionary

A fun, educational way for staff to test their skills AND your podiatry knowledge.

  • Tips-n-Pearls

1. Quick-fire tips and ideas to whip your “champion practice” into shape.
2. Focus on increasing communication, efficiency and productivity in a professional office.
3. Pointers include: Emergency plan, staff training, ethics, collections and more.