What tickles YOUR funny bone?

We deal with stress every day - some good some bad. Even in the most difficult of times, things get SO absurd that they are actually funny. I can think of a time when my SOS partner and I were under the gun to get copies made for a presentation we were giving. Naturally, it was last minute, so the pressure was on. It was late. We were tired and so we went to the nearest copy center to see about getting our handouts made. Luckily they had a new copy machine that collated many pages together and its purpose was to make things simpler for us. Well, we were getting the job done when all of a sudden, it started speeding up and before we could say Kinko....paper was flying all over the place. It was like a page out of I Love Lucy. We laughed so hard we cried. We got it together and got our copies made...but it's those kinds of things that help release endorphins and make you think...are things REALLY that bad? Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was so stressful....it made you laugh?