Workshop Testimonials

LOVED IT! I am definitely coming again when you’re back in this area. So many others should definitely look into this seminar. The content was refreshing from others I’ve attended. I am definitely going to make use of EVERYTHING! I’m going to hold a staff meeting ASAP to show and implement what I learned when I return to my office. Lynn was nice, entertaining and funny. Loved the interaction. There is so much you thought you knew but really don’t. It is definitely a learning experience. I would describe my experience as FUN and enjoyable; informative- every minute was accounted for! Straight to the point…no “passing the time.” Honestly one of the best seminars/workshops I’ve attended so far. Thank you! It was very appreciated.
Beksy Jurjo
Clifton, NJ

The SOS Workshop is perfect. It is one of the most valuable, educational, and fun one day conferences that I’ve ever attended. You MUST attend this conference. BRING your STAFF!! I did!
Dr. Susan Love
Howard Beach, NY

Excellent, very comprehensive and applicable. Positive & encouraging. Useful, concepts that can be implemented immediately. Time well spent. Will generate good discussions with my staff.
Dr. Joanne Gormely
Seattle, WA

WOW! Lots of information. Lynn was very knowledgeable! AND!! Friendly! JI would absolutely recommend anyone to attend! There was lots of great information, incredible awesome and funI will definitely attend another workshop – you can never stop learning!! Being new in this field, I found this workshop to be very beneficial! I truly appreciate all the hard work that everyone put in. Thank you! Next time, I’m bringing my doctor!!
Cheryl Tieaskie
Hot Springs, AR

I honestly am glad how the workshop ran, very well planned out. I’ve been to many “CE’s”, this one was far- the most educational. I learned a lot. It was fun, not boring. Went beyond my expectations.
Julie Starr
Gresham, OR

I have been in practice for 25 years. This really was worthwhile to refresh, revisit and modify policies. The content was outstanding. Workshop book and handouts excellent and Lynn was friendly, accommodating, engaging, warm and non confrontational. The program has really good value.
Dr. Lawrence Lloyd ,
Anderson, Indiana

Our staff came back from your seminar so pumped up -- one of the girls called me at 8am the next day (Saturday!) wanting to talk about some things she wanted to implement right away! Thanks so much for the great information.
Marilee Silvester, Silvester Foot Clinic
Pleasanton, TX

It is a long day, but I feel I could have sat through 3 days of this! I feel inspired to head back to the office, armed with my workshop book and make some changes. We have a fantastic practice, but there is always room for improvement and now we can do it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Courtney Dolan, Director of First Impressions
Worcester, MA

Lynn, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I want you to know that you impact Professional Foot & Ankle on a daily basis. Whenever I find myself slipping into a bad habit, I ask myself, "what would Lynn say or recommend to change this to a positive." You are powerful and awesome. Thanks!
Jerome Randall, DPM
Olympia Fields, IL

My staff and I traveled all the way from California to attend your Fort Lauderdale Workshop and here's what I feel were the highlights of the program:
1. The information was very encompassing
2. The delivery, especially the exchange of ideas, kept things interesting and compelling the whole time
3. The handouts and Power points helped to improve retention of the material.

The improvements in my staff's attitude and attention to detail have been noticeable since we got back form Florida. My own attitude has improved - I am much more clear in my requests of both patients and staff. Meetings are easier. Paperwork gets done well, not just "done". Thanks again, Lynn. I hope your business thrives, since you offer such great instruction.
Karen Anderson, DPM
La Jolla, CA

I would highly recommend the SOS Staff Training Workshop and feel it is very worthwhile for doctors and staff alike - it provides excellent training for new staff and managers. I found it to be very thorough, enjoyable, educational and it exceeded my expectations!"
Peter Brieloff, DPM
Cumberland, MD

Loved it! Great presentation! Never bored! Thank were truly the breath of 'fresh air' I needed. I feel more motivated as a supervisor and leader and so does my staff that attended with me! - WELL-WORTH the $$ - what a bargain!
Melodie Weis, Manager, Weis Podiatry
Amarillo, TX

Your Cleveland Training Workshop was 'fantastic' and I have learned many, many things as a result of attending. I will change at least ten things in my office next week!
Michael Formann, DPM
Lynhurst, OH

I attended your Saddle Brook Training Program and found it to be splendid. I am more aware of how essential communication with staff is, how to handle employees and how to make my practice better. You have so much experience to offer and are a valuable asset to our profession. Keep up the good work!
Paul Lafata, DPM
West Lawn, PA

I cannot even imagine a better workshop [Houston]. It was so packed with information and lots of fun. Lynn makes you feel totally relaxed and is receptive to all questions. I am so much better informed for having attended. I came away so inspired and can't wait to get back to the office and implement what I've learned.
Debbie Harader, Office Manager, Texas Foot Consultants
Houston, TX

The information was greatly appreciated and I hope to implement this into my practice to improve communication and work flow. I think that the staff interaction and just how to treat one another was fantastic. Lynn was a dynamic speaker; the content was great and the day informative [Oak Brook Workshop] was worth it!
Michael Chin, DPM
Chicago, IL

Best workshop [Oak Brook, IL] I've ever been to! I learned a lot that will help make my job a lot easier and make the office run a lot better. It really was worth being there for 9 hours!
Marcela Rivera, PMA
Homewood, IL

This [Cleveland] program was revitalizing! Lynn knew her stuff and there was great interaction! I learned there is a lot more I need to learn after 31 years in practice.
Richard Berkowitz, DPM
Bedford, OH

Lynn, you inspire me to reach for more knowledge in this field. I received more insight on how to educate and train new employees and how to create a positive atmosphere by attending your Ft. Lauderdale Workshop. It was very thorough. Thank you, Thank you!
Toni Becht, Office Manager
Hudson, FL

The SOS Staff Training Workshop is DYNAMIC, energetic and full of information - well worth the investment in myself and my staff. I would and DO highly recommend this program for doctors and staff. There is always something to learn.
Teri Burtoft, DPM
North Andover, MA

I especially found this presentation informational, especially since just finishing my residency. There were many ideas and great examples presented here that I never thought of and were not exposed to. This class was well-organized, relevant and fun! I feel it would have been even better if it was longer.
Don Pelto, DPM
Worcester, MA

I thought everything was so wonderful. You involved everyone and have made a positive impact on my Podiatry Career! Thank you!
Tasha Carter
Kannopolis, NC

Even if you don't want to go into podiatry, Lynn's workshop should be a must for all medical assistants. The small group setting was great for networking. You felt comfortable talking with other attendees about their offices and experiences.
Jenny Good-Corbeil
Galesburg, MI

This workshop covered all aspects of podiatric medical assistant duties. It was very well organized, knowledgeable, awesome presentation and great for my new staff. The role playing especially was very helpful!
Kevin Sunshein, DPM
Dayton, OH