Private In-Office Workshops

The best thing about our Workshops is that when everyone participates TOGETHER, implementation of shared ideas happens. But what if you can't get everyone in your practice to one of our scheduled workshops? What if not everyone is available...or it's just too far to travel?

If you can't come to SOS...let SOS come to you!

The workshop can be made available to you on a weekday or weekend... whatever works best for your schedule.

You'll get the same expert trainer and the same amount of valuable content - The only difference is you will have the added advantage of participating in a customized training program to address the needs of your practice and your team. ALL material is relevant to YOUR practice!

A brief consultation and assessment of your current operations will determine the focus of the full day session. It's a full, fun day of interactive learning that will re-excite the team and increase productivity in their own comfortable environment.

To aid the learning process, each attendee will receive a comprehensive work and reference book, radiology guide, certificate of completion, follow up consultations to monitor progress and discount on all SOS products.

To view a copy of the Workshop Curriculum...please click here .

Don't make distance a reason to miss out on the BEST TRAINING WORKSHOP! BRING IT IN HOUSE so EVERYONE can benefit!

Call 1-866-832-6767 today and arrange an onsite workshop for YOUR practice!

I promise will NOT regret it!


plus workbook costs (more than 10) and  travel expenses