How long has SOS been doing consulting work?

SOS was first established in 2000 as a company specializing solely in practice management presentations. In 2003 our focus broadened to include consulting services and more recently focuses on integrating staff into improved systems to increase efficiency and enhanced productivity. These changes came about as a result of continuous requests to personally coach and advise health care professionals and our mission revolves around helping to create a successful work environment which leads to a successful practice.

Where is your business located?

Our business is located in the Seattle, Washington area. The physical address is: 3866 Monterey Place, NE, Renton, WA 98056

What makes SOS different from other consultants?

SOS's expertise lies in managing and growing a medical practice, particularly in light of the many challenges associated with staffing and human resource development that it faces. Our unique background offers a three dimensional focus in this neglected but very vital component of achieving successful practice outcomes. We concentrate on creating positive energy and will work to provide staff with the necessary tools to succeed...for their sakes and for that of the practice!

What is the focus of consulting work done by SOS?

Those who have had staffing difficulties in the past know that they can either make or break your practice! Lynn has first-hand knowledge of this and utilizes her extensive podiatric background along with proven management concepts and methods involving professional staff and management training strategies, system implementation, workshops and organizational design to assist her clients in building a more productive, efficient and functional practice. Keenly aware of what it takes to run a practice, how staff can effectively fit in to that formula and how to deal with the resistances that can and do interfere with progress, she has made it her lifelong commitment to share this personal and professional knowledge with doctors in an effort to help them grow and develop their own successful practices. Please click on About Us to learn more about Ms. Homisak's experience in healthcare.

Do you just do one on one consulting or will you take on a group practice?

We offer services to both solo and group practices.

Does your work involve coming to my office?

Work involving staff development and training, management, practice operations and organizational design typically require on-site visits to observe specific patterns of activity, staff roles in action, process-effectiveness, patient-staff-doctor interaction and communication, teamwork, degree of efficiency and appropriate levels of delegated doctor duties. Upon agreement, an onsite visitation is recommended and planned to assess these factors and conduct staff interviews. Extended time is recommended if hands-on training is required.

SOS also offers alternative methods of consultative training via our Webinar Training or monthly " Interactive Staff Meetings " . These sessions are best conducted with staff AND doctors since sharing adn discussion of common office struggles and situations is important to the solution process. These are also learning sessions - helpful in teaching staff how to deal with patients in a professional manner, developing new office policies,managing existing negative behaviors and developing necessary action plans to follow through with goal-oriented projects.

What is the typical length of your contract?

Initial time frames are outlined in our project fees (see next question); however our contracts can vary due to the specific needs of our clients, our level of involvement with the practice and the complexity of the practice environment. Our client list ranges from solo practices to very large groups.

A better assessment can be given based on the outcome of the efficiency and staff duties evaluation. Keep in mind that time dedicated to this type of project depends 100% on the cooperation received by the staff and the doctor. Just as teamwork and cooperation will get the job done much quicker, lack of the same will end up costing more.

Can you explain the fee structure associated with your contracts?

This is better viewed by clicking Onsite Consultation

Some SOS clients feel that they will be able to implement the strategies and recommendations themselves and bring the consulting project to a close after the one month contract time; however, those clients wishing to expand the relationship and work with SOS to implement the practice recommendations can do so at our hourly fee of $175 for as long (or short) as they feel is needed. If monitored follow up is critical to your achievement, the interactive staff meeting may be just the answer. It allows SOS to be used as a professional service resource...requires a 6 month contract (@ $99/month) for a one hour (bi-monthly) remote staff meeting.

These options allow each client to enjoy the flexibility of choosing what will be best for themselves. Take as much or as little as you need and only pay for what you use. You are in the driver's seat!

How do I get started with your company?

Simple! Just contact our administrative office 1-866-832-6767 or click Contact Us to set up a Complimentary Consultation. This teleconference will allow inquiry into some necessary details about your practice including what you feel your greatest area of need is in order to recommend an appropriate proposal of objectives and deliverables. You can expect to receive this proposal (via email or mail - your preference) back to you within two days of our call.

Do you prefer phone contact or email?

Your convenience is our preference. Lynn can be reached at our toll free phone number: 1-866-832-6767, directly at 425-235-4971 or by clicking on the following link Contact Us . We make it a point to respond as quickly a possible; however emails are often not as reliable as we would like. If emails are not answered within 24 hours, please re-send or call. There was likely a transmission problem.

When I call your office, will I speak with a real person?

We attempt to be personally available to answer any of your questions. However, due to the nature of our business we travel from time to time. When this happens your phone calls are forwarded to us and we make every effort to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. If you DO happen to reach our voice mail, we are only temporarily away and your call will be returned promptly. We appreciate your patience.

What about your travel expenses?

The client is responsible for all travel expenses and SOS will find the best possible coach or economy class airfare and travel arrangements to keep these costs down. Reasonable and necessary business and travel expenses (including but not limited to airport parking, transport fares (taxi or car rental, fuel) hotel reservations, modest meal allowance) actually incurred by SOS shall be reimbursed by Client upon submission of expense reports with back-up documentation. Necessary travel expenses in excess of $500 must be approved in advance by Client. Travel time for on-site visitations (if required) is charged at $75.00 per hour but will not exceed $300.00 per day.

What kind of billing arrangements do you make with your clients?

All on-site contracts require a $1,000 retainer fee be paid up front to cover initial travel costs. Any monies not used up front will be credited to your account and applied against the contract fee.

Onsite services are logged into your account upon delivery of your Report of Findings and itemized bills (detailing the services rendered) are sent monthly either by email or mail (according to your preference.) While we love what we do, we also have bills to pay, so we expect and appreciate full payment within 15 days of receiving your bill.

If your consulting work directly involves my staff, how do I get them to "buy in" to your recommended changes?

This is an area in which SOS truly excels. Prior to an initial onsite visit, Lynn will send a letter to the staff and explain who she is, an overview of what her work with the practice involves, her background as a podiatric medical assistant (a bonding point with staff) and a request for their assistance in helping her implement new strategies. SOS is very successful in securing staff buy in and almost always receives a warm welcome into the practice.

What do you expect from me, as your client?

We can make great strides if our clients have an open mind, are willing to make changes, go into projects asking for the support of their entire team, timely responses to emails and/or phone calls..... and oh yeah, pay their bills promptly!

What if I decide I no longer need your services?

You may discontinue your relationship with SOS at any time; simply advise us and all services will cease. An hourly prorated fee for services already rendered will apply. If onsite arrangements have been scheduled, all non-refundable travel expenses are your responsibility and will be itemized to you in a final bill or automatically deducted from your $1,000 retainer fee at the time of contract termination.

Besides consulting, what are some of the other services that SOS provides?

Aside from private practice consulting engagements, SOS conducts national Training Workshops, Interactive Staff Meetings , Webinar Training and has helpful practice management tools to offer. [See "Tools" in our main menu for more information.]